Alexander Park Football


Why does my son / daughter not see a lot of playing time during a game and other kids do ?


We expect all players to arrive for practice 10-15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start. If your child cannot attend, please notify one of the coaches or the manager. So far, we have made several exceptions for family vacations, and special allowances for kids involved in other sports (soccer, baseball, etc…) whose seasons are winding down. As the football season is now in full swing, however, we expect allowances to be made for our practices and games.

Playing Time

While we will ensure all the kids on the team play during the games, not everybody will receive the same amount of playing time. We have new players (rookies) and returning players (veterans) on the team.

1. Rookies: As we progress through the season, our goal is to ensure that all rookies are given the chance to learn the fundamentals of football, while improving their basic skills. As this happens, playing time will increase. Please remember that your child’s safety is our 1° priority and this sport can not be compared to any previous sport your child has been involved with due to it’s physical and psychological nature. Furthermore the calibre of this level is ranked, as an Inter-City AAA for which it becomes a more competitive sport and therefore opposing teams will play with high level of intensity. In return, the rookies must understand and learn the techniques of hitting as well as taking in a hit without retaliation. We as coaches must have the parents respect and understanding for the decisions we make on the children’s safety during a game. This is why it is so vital that the kids show up for practice because the more they hit and get hit, the easier our job is to put them in the game. Atom is a level where every kid is going through a learning phase so that once they get to a higher level they are ready to play the game with full force.

2. Veterans: As well as improving basics skills, playing time will depend on attendance, leadership, capacity to accept responsibility, attitude, effort, game situation and knowledge of the game. We demand a lot from our veterans because the harder they are on themselves the harder those around them will work.

Playing time is very heavily related to attendance, in other words, if a player misses a week of practice and then shows up at game time he should not expect the same playing time as someone who has worked hard all week and has earned the right for playing time.

Regardless of skill level/experience

Although winning is an important element of the game, our ultimate success will be judged by the number of children who have enjoyed their experience in the Alexander Park Program. It should be a good experience for everyone. Keeping this in mind, we ask that the parents be patient and help us reinforce each child’s respective role and importance to this team. Being on a football team is quite a different experience for a lot of children, who may not be used to the coaching style.

If any parents have any questions or comments, please feel free to speak to the coaching staff of any of the 3 levels at the park.